We have been supporting and housing Plymothians for over 400 years.

Helping every resident live their life independently for as long as they are able.

Our Almshouses are in the heart of the city with easy access to essential amenities.

It’s important to us that each resident feels safe and secure in their home.

Our support extends to surrounding areas, helping to strengthen diverse and thriving communities.

About us

Plymouth Charity Trust has a proud history of taking care of people who are in need of good quality affordable housing. Providing stability in often traumatic times, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of every elderly resident without judgement.

Since the 1600’s we have provided sanctuary and affordable homes to local people aged 60+ who are going through extremely difficult, and often unexpected, personal circumstances. Offering a comfortable, secure environment for them to live independently for as long as they are able. After 400 years of championing this mission, we now find ourselves in a unique and exciting position to develop a purpose-built facility with our residents’ needs at its heart. The Grenville House Project will support residents who, through physical infirmity, are unable to live safely within our current properties. We will be able to offer them the opportunity to move to the new development so they can maintain their independence and continue to enjoy safe and happy living for longer.

You can watch a short documentary film to understand more about the Trust, our history and the importance of the Grenville House project.

Our homes are a mix of one bedroom and studio apartments that have private bathrooms and kitchens, with the opportunity to decorate and furnish with creature comforts and personal belongings. We encourage residents to live independently. Giving them access to essential resources and local amenities for just the right amount of freedom to enjoy safe and happy living for as long as they are able.

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“Some of the other houses I viewed weren’t very nice and I didn’t feel secure, where here it’s great. I do what I want to do and everything is on my doorstep. The pharmacy, all the shops, I can even catch a bus and go down to Cornwall. There is a nice mix of people here too. Staff or wardens are always around, you can literally just pop across the hall or speak to someone on the phone. They offer you support when you need it. That’s the best thing, they are there for you when you actually ask for it.”

Resident Alf

Our pillars

These pillars have been the foundations of our charity for over 400 years.

Individually they champion our beliefs as an organisation and collectively they are the motivations behind our daily operation. Underpinning our sole mission which is to provide safe and happy living in the heart of Plymouth.

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Safety and the wellbeing of every resident is our priority

Plymouth Charity Trust provides good quality Alms-house Accommodation for those who qualify under the terms of the Trust. These houses have been modified to accommodate modern safety requirements, from CCTV security to wet rooms and emergency pull cords. We employ a manager, an assistant manager and two wardens who oversee the safety of staff, residents, visitors and contractors.

The Trustees are committed to working with our staff and everyone employed or engaged by the Trust as well as with our residents and visitors to ensure we maintain a safe site and a comfortable environment for all.

The Trust ensures safety and fire compliance by:

Having suitably qualified and experienced manager and staff who have access to training and refresher training as appropriate

Annually reviewed Safety and Fire Policies and Procedures.

Only engaging with certified contractors who are inducted on site, providing them with information such as the Asbestos Register and Asbestos Management Plan.

Staff and Trustees having access to competent and independent professional safety advice and to an independent Fire Safety Advisor

Ad-hoc monitoring by our safety professional and site visits by our Trustees.

Having suitably qualified and experienced manager and staff who have access to training and refresher training as appropriate.

A Safety / Fire specific agenda item at every Trustee meeting to review any issues, accidents, suggested improvements and reports.


The Charity is run in accordance with schemes prepared by the Charity Commission. The first scheme was sealed on 11/08/1898 and various subsequent schemes made alterations to it. Another comprehensive scheme to bring matters up to date was sealed on 11/06/1999 and a copy can be seen in the office. The Charity is also a Registered Social Landlord with the Housing Corporation.

In addition to being a charity, Plymouth Charity Trust is also a Registered Social Landlord with the housing Corporation and a member of the Alms House Association. Administered by a board of Voluntary Trustees, a daily support team and wardens, the Trust strives to provide outstanding service for those in need of housing, taking care of day to day needs and the general welfare of all of our residents.

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Our Story

An Almshouse is a place where you can live independently and make friends, all while being in an area you're familiar with or close to your loved ones.

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Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of volunteers and Trustees who manage the daily running of the charity.

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