Plymouth Charity Trust Relief In Need Branch



The Relief in Need Branch of Plymouth Charity Trust is an amalgamation of several charities which were set up over the last three hundred years to help Plymothians.  Its object is to provide relief of persons resident in the City of Plymouth who are in need, hardship or distress.


They will consider applications for the following:-


  • help with educational needs such as grants for books
  • or school uniforms
  • help for clothing for children of families with very limited income
  • grants to relieve sudden distress, sickness or infirmity



They will not consider applications for the following:-


  • people not living in the City of Plymouth
  • any need that can be met by Social Services
  • help with educational trips abroad
  • post-graduate fees
  • to clear debts

The Trust usually makes the donation in the form of vouchers, or a payment into a Voluntary Grants account.  They prefer not to give payment directly to the applicant to prevent miss-use of funds.  An average donation is usually between £50 – £100 each.


Application forms can be obtained from Mrs S Easton, Charity Trustees Office, 41 Hele’s Terrace, Prince Rock, Plymouth   Tel:  01752 663107

Or you can simply click here to download a printable copy

More About Plymouth Charity Trust

Safety At Plymouth Charity Trust

The Plymouth Charity Trust provides good quality Alms-house Accommodation on two sites for those who qualify under the terms of the Trust.


The Trust employs a manager, an Assistant manager and two wardens. The safety of staff, residents, visitors and contractors is seen by the Trustees as being of paramount importance.


The Trust ensures safety and fire compliance by:


  • Having suitably qualified and experienced manager and staff who have access to training and refresher training as appropriate.


  • Having written Safety and Fire Policies and Procedures, (which are reviewed at least annually).


  • Only engaging contractors who are competent for the tasks they are engaged to undertake.


  • Providing contractor inductions at both our sites and providing our Contractors with information such as the Asbestos Register and Asbestos Management Plan.


  • Reviewing contractor performance at least annually or after any incident or concern where the report is in writing and recorded within the Trust minutes.


  • Staff and Trustees having access to competent and independent professional safety advice and to an independent Fire Safety Advisor.


  • Formal independent auditing of the Charity Trust activities for compliance at least annually by our Fire Safety Advisor and by our Safety Advisor (where the findings are presented in writing to a Trustees meeting).


  • Ad-hoc monitoring by our safety professional and site visits by our Trustees.


  • A Safety / Fire specific agenda item at every Trustee meeting to review any issues, accidents, suggested improvements and reports.



The Trustees are committed to working with our staff and everyone employed or engaged by the Trust as well as with our residents and visitors to ensure we maintain a safe site and pleasant environment for all.


S.W. Hole.



7th June 2019