Community at the heart

Our founding pillars underpin everything that we do at Plymouth Charity Trust and at the heart of these is Community. Based on the ideology that by giving back and supporting surrounding people and places it creates thriving and diverse areas for our residents to live.

We believe that by supporting the enhancement of facilities at our chosen local schools it encourages young people to understand the importance of community, which in turn creates opportunities to give back and to be part of something bigger.

With three projects successfully completed already we are proud of the positive difference we are making within our surrounding area.

Larger and more modern projectors at Prince Rock Primary School have revolutionised assemblies, group and reward time for the children. Headteacher, Ms Brake, remarks –

“The new projectors have really been transformative for the children, we use them every day! And we wouldn’t have been able to replace the old ones without the help of Plymouth Charity Trust.”

An interactive history timeline in an outdoor space at Holy Cross Primary School has encouraged the pupils to have educational conversions about learning before they enter the classroom. The children love the visual element to it as it stretches all the way around the playground! Headteacher, Mrs Gill, states –

“The children interact with it all the time when they’re out playing as well, it’s really informal and interactive. The application process was really quick, the funds even allowed us to repaint the wall too. It’s really great to see the community support locally.”

Children at Salisbury Road now have an inviting and appealing library to choose books from instead of an empty room with no carpet. Headteacher, Mrs Moran, comments –

“As a school, we are really keen to promote the love of reading so that children are enthusiastic and become lifelong readers. Plymouth Charity Trust are really passionate about our local community and supporting families and our children. They were absolutely fantastic.”

With such success and wonderful stories behind us we aren’t stopping there and are pleased to announce that we will be supporting Salisbury Road with the development of their Urban Garden. A space for the pupils to get stuck in and back to nature within the city environment. Look out for updates on our social media channels as we show how this progresses.

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