The Relief in Need Branch of Plymouth Charity Trust is an amalgamation of several charities which were set up over the last three hundred years to help Plymothians. The Charity is set up to House the elderly over the age of retirement who are subsequently receiving Housing Benefit and live in the Plymouth area.

The history of Almshouses stretches back to Medieval times when religious orders cared for the poor. Originally called hospitals or bed houses, in the sense of hospitality and shelter. Today Almshouses are not focused on catering for the poor or the sick, but providing sanctuary and a safe environment for people who are in need of affordable accommodation. Usually down to distressing life circumstances. You can find out more by visiting the Alms House Association.

No we are not. We can only support independent living as we do not provide sheltered accommodation via a warden controlled environment and our homes can only be provided within the terms of the Charity.

Yes they do. You can find out more about our affordable housing and charges on Our Housing Pages Residents do not have to pay water rates and are entitled to a £7.50 per year concessionary TV Licence fee if the resident is under 75 years of age. The total rent qualifies for Housing Benefit and support costs are paid directly to us.

We understand the comfort pets can bring at home, so it is with deep regret that we are not able to allow any animals to reside on our premises. The wellbeing of the animal is a key concern if one of our residents were to unexpectedly pass away at home. As a charity, Plymouth Charity Trust is not able to take responsibility for or re-home animals found in this situation. Please contact us if you would like further clarification.

To provide convenient and comfortable accommodation in a community which allows all residents to come and go as they please with back up facilities in case of emergencies.

If you are from Plymouth, have lived in Plymouth or have family connections to the City then your application will be considered. For our full eligibility checklist please click here.

We support residents as much as we are able and offer to move locations better suited to increasing needs, such as the ground floor if stairs are no longer easy to climb. Also, Grenville House will be a purpose-built facility that can support needs of age and ability-related concerns, as well as support those with disabilities. When independent living is no longer physically possible we connect you and your family to the right people who will be able to give you the level of care you need. Your apartment will then be offered to someone on the waiting list.

We have an onsite Warden at Heles Terrace and staff members who visit the buildings and check in on our residents daily. If any residents need support at any time they can visit us in our site office or give us a call on our direct line.

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