Grenville Church

Grenville Church, situated in a residential area of Plymouth, was built after the Second World War to replace a terrace of houses that were destroyed by bombing. Plans are currently underway to transform the disused church building into purpose-built accommodation for individuals over the age of 60 who find themselves in need of affordable accommodation and who need a lifeline to retain their independence to enjoy safe and happy living.

The proposed project, supported by Ward Williams Associates and ADG Architects, is still in the planning stages and involves removing the church and replacing it with five one-bedroom self-contained apartments. These apartments will be specifically designed to provide convenient, comfortable, and affordable accommodation for residents with mobility issues.

There is a £3m investment for the build and part of that is regenerating this residential area, including supporting the local elderly community, which otherwise would be a derelict property. ADG and Ward Williams Associates have collaborated closely with Plymouth Charity Trust to create a design that aligns with the charity’s goals. The resulting high-quality property reflects the residential character of the surrounding area.

The proposals for the apartments will feature highly insulated fabric and low air leakage rates to reduce energy consumption and heat losses. They will also benefit from a southern aspect, ensuring good light levels and passive solar gain during the winter. In addition, the building is proposed to be equipped with highly energy-efficient Air Source Heat Pumps to serve the domestic hot water and space heating demand for the building.

Accessibility and adaptability will be essential components of the project’s proposals to ensure that the apartments meet the needs of future occupants. The aim of the project is to improve the city’s housing stock by providing high-quality, affordable, and rented properties that cater to residents with unique and pressing needs.

Upon completion, the Grenville Church project is expected to support numerous people in need and strengthen the charity’s connection to the local community. 

Planning permission is still pending, and the project is anticipated to be completed in the coming years.

Overall, the Grenville Church redevelopment project is a compelling demonstration of how disused buildings can be transformed into essential housing for vulnerable individuals. By working closely with local communities and charitable organisations, developers can create projects that not only meet the needs of residents but also contribute positively to the surrounding area.

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