The Grenville House Project Launch Event

The Grenville House project has been a long time in the making, and we were thrilled to finally unveil it at our launch event on March 29th. The event was held at The Loft on the beautiful Plymouth barbican, a fitting location for such an important occasion.

We were delighted to share the event with our fantastic partners, including ADG Architects, Ward Williams Associates and Brand Biscuit Studio. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces in attendance, including local councillors and the Lord Mayor, who showed their support for the project.

The atmosphere at the event was truly electric, with everyone buzzing with excitement about the project. The room was filled with chatter and laughter as guests mingled and caught up with one another. The sublime buffet, prepared by The Loft, was a real highlight, with guests enjoying a delicious buffet and sipping on refreshing drinks as they admired the stunning view of the Plymouth waterfront.

As the evening progressed, we settled down to watch the documentary that had been prepared by Brand Biscuit Studio to document not only the Grenville House project from start to finish but with Plymouth Charity Trust having been going for over 400 years, we wanted to get PCT in the minds of the local community, and provide information on the importance of Grenville House and what it stands to achieve which is to provide accessible living to encourage living independently for as long as possible.

As the lights dimmed and the film began to play, there was a hush that fell over the room. It was incredible to see the transformation that the Grenville House project had undergone, from a plot of land in desperate need of life to a beautiful, modern space that would provide safe, comfortable and affordable housing for the elderly members of our community.

The documentary was incredibly moving, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the time it had finished. It was a real testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the project.

After the documentary had finished, we took a moment to reflect on what we had achieved, with our Chairman Steve taking to the stage to talk to us all. The Grenville House project has been a huge undertaking, but it was all worth it to see the smiles on the faces of the people who know what an asset this will be to Plymouth. We are proud to have been a catalyst to something so special, and we know that the impact of our work will be felt for years to come.

We’re thankful to the Lord Mayor for her kind words, here is a snippet for you – ‘As honorary Patron of the Trust I say thank you, but as a Ward Councillor, to really get to see, with the other councillors here in the room, some of the hardship that our people have to deal with, it’s really amazing that this project is going ahead.”

As the night drew to a close, and after a little bit of a dance, we said our goodbyes and headed out into the crisp Plymouth evening air. It had been a truly wonderful evening, filled with laughter, good food, and a real sense of achievement. We know that the Grenville House project and associated Grenville Church will be a success, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the residents wellbeing, who will very much benefit from the new and tailored facilities. 

The Grenville House project launch event was an absolute triumph. We couldn’t have asked for a better location, better partners, or better guests. It was a night that we will never forget, and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far. We hope that the success of this project will inspire others to get involved in their local communities and make a difference wherever they can. 

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