Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis: How Plymouth Charity Trust Can Be Your Lifeline

The rising cost of living is a concern that affects many families and individuals across the UK. In these trying times, financial pressures can have an impact on your ability to access essential services and maintain a good quality of life. While some may consider alternatives like home care or living with family as an option, Plymouth Charity Trust stands as a beacon of support, offering valuable assistance during this challenging period. In this post, we’ll explore how we can help you cope with the cost of living crisis and why it may be a preferable alternative to other options.

Before delving into the ways Plymouth Charity Trust can assist, it’s important to grasp the challenges posed by the cost of living crisis. With rising utility bills, housing costs, and everyday expenses, individuals and families are grappling with a higher cost of living. The situation is even more challenging for seniors and those with limited financial resources, making it essential to seek out viable solutions.

Why Alternatives Aren’t Always Ideal

  • Home Care: Home care is a common alternative for individuals who need assistance with daily living but wish to remain in their homes. While this option can provide a level of independence, it may come with a substantial price tag. The cost of hiring caregivers and managing the associated expenses can be overwhelming, making it less affordable for many.
  • Living with Family: While living with family can offer emotional support and financial relief, it’s not always a viable solution. Not everyone has the luxury of available family members who can provide care and accommodation. Additionally, living with family may not offer the independence and privacy that some individuals desire.

We are a long-established charity organisation with a rich history of serving the community, we stand as a supportive resource for those facing the cost of living crisis. Here’s how we can help:

  • Affordable Housing: We offer affordable housing options to individuals and families who may struggle to find suitable accommodations in the current housing market. These housing solutions are designed to meet diverse needs,, making it an excellent alternative for those affected by the cost of living crisis.
  • Community Support: Beyond providing affordable housing, here at the Plymouth Charity Trust we foster a strong sense of community among our residents. Living in one of our properties means being part of a community who can provide companionship and emotional support. This can help alleviate the loneliness that often accompanies financial difficulties.
  • Financial Assistance: Residents do not have to pay water rates and are entitled to a £7.50 per year concessionary TV Licence fee if the resident is under 75 years of age. For residents aged 75 or over we have a concessionary licence for you. The total rent qualifies for Housing Benefit and support costs are paid directly to us.
  • Independent Living: Choosing our accommodation allows you to maintain your independence while benefiting from a supportive community and financial relief. Unlike some alternative options, you can enjoy your own space and privacy while receiving the necessary help to ensure a good quality of life.

The cost of living crisis in the UK presents significant challenges for individuals and families. While alternatives like home care or living with family may be considered, they are not always practical or affordable solutions. In such situations, we are here as a lifeline, offering affordable housing, financial assistance, and community support to those in need. 

By choosing Plymouth Charity Trust, you can maintain your independence and enjoy a good quality of life. If you’re a Plymothian, or moving to be nearer to family living in Plymouth, please reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate these challenging times and provide the support you need. 

Visit our website for more information: Plymouth Charity Trust. Your future well-being may depend on the decision you make today.

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