For over 400 years our pillars have been the foundations of our sole mission; to provide safe and happy living in the heart of Plymouth.

Independence to live a full life

Independent living doesn’t have to mean living without help. With a responsible and positive approach, Plymouth Charity Trust offers a lifeline to those that need it, helping every resident live their life independently for as long as they’re able.

Our primary aim is to make sure they have a comfortable, home environment with support from us when it’s wanted. Giving them easy access to essential resources and local amenities for just the right amount of assistance and freedom to enjoy safe and independent living.

Community at the heart

Plymouth Charity Trust is centred around encouraging a positive and caring local community. Our housing supports a real sense of belonging for elderly residents, helping them to feel comfortable and welcomed into an area they’re already familiar with.

We also look to the extended community and are focused on improving lives by giving back to the area where our residents are housed. We actively encourage them to support local shops and amenities, while our donations to local schools enhance and enrich learning facilities for every child, helping to strengthen diverse and thriving communities.

Sanctuary in a safe environment

Everyone is deserving of shelter and a secure place to call home. With the assurance of a caring environment, Plymouth Charity Trust prioritises the safety, wellbeing, and protection of each of our elderly residents without judgement.

Our 400-year history of sanctuary and support inspires us to ensure our future remains focused on maintaining this legacy. Continuing to provide accessible, affordable homes with adapted facilities that safeguard the welfare of our residents and support teams. Help is always available, but privacy is also respected so residents can live independently in comfort and confidence.

Stability through difficult times

Life can be challenging, but the right support can bring stability when people need it most. On a foundation of reliability and dependability, Plymouth Charity Trust provides the reassurance of an accessible and affordable home environment with the protection and support residents can rely on.

Our dedicated team of trustworthy and personable people have a genuine commitment to the welfare of every resident as they go through difficult personal circumstances. Together, we form a stable support network that encourages them to get the assistance they require while helping wherever we can. All while ensuring they retain their independence to enjoy their lives in comfortable, secure surroundings.

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Providing safe and happy living in the heart of Plymouth.

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