Plymouth Charity Trust is centred around encouraging a positive and caring local community

We always look to our extended community and are focused on improving lives by giving back to the areas where residents are housed. We actively encourage them to support local shops and amenities, while our donations to local schools enhance and enrich learning facilities for every child, helping to strengthen diverse and thriving communities.

“As a school, we are really keen to promote the love of reading so that children are enthusiastic and become lifelong readers.

We wanted to make an attractive library so that children felt that they could come and look at a book or choose a book. At the time we had a room with some books in it, but we didn’t feel that it was really appealing for the children. We are in an old Victorian building and sometimes funds are quite tight. So it wasn’t a priority in relation to some of the other things we had going on at the time.

Plymouth Charity Trust came and looked at our empty room and they agreed that they would support the development of our new library. We were able to refurbish it from top to bottom. So it’s been painted, carpeted, we got new furniture and nice furnishings to make it more attractive for the children. Plymouth Charity Trust are really passionate about our local community and supporting families and our children. They were absolutely fantastic”

Mrs Moran, Headteacher of salisbury road

We know how hard it can be to get funding for the fun stuff

The things that usually end up at the bottom of the pile thanks to a long list of priorities.

We also understand that it’s often the little things that can make the biggest difference. Plymouth Charity Trust is dedicated to supporting our wider community with donations to our three local schools each year. Helping them to achieve the smaller projects that often mean a great deal to the hundreds of children and families in our surrounding area. You can watch our case studies below to learn more about our donations and the schools we have worked with since our Community Projects started.

Case Study

Prince Rock Primary School

“The new projectors have really been transformative for the children, we use them every day! And we wouldn’t have been able to replace the old ones without the help of Plymouth Charity Trust. The application process was incredibly easy, very straightforward. The children wrote them a huge thank you for it because it really has been so fantastic”

With thanks to Headteacher Ms Brake and the children featured from Prince Rock Primary School.

Case Study

Sailsbury Road

“We are in an old Victorian building and sometimes funds are quite tight. So a new library wasn’t a priority in relation to some of the other things we needed at the time. I heard of Plymouth Charity Trust through one of my staff and got in touch. They came and looked at our library potential and agreed that they were supporters with the development of our library and could help. The children were actively involved with designing the space and they as you can see they did a really great job”

With thanks to Headteacher Mrs Moran from Sailsbury Road.

Case Study

Holy Cross

“We’ve been working really hard on developing our curriculum and making it really relevant and accessible to the children. The history curriculum is obviously very important for children to develop an understanding of chronology in their history learning but they struggle with chronology. So we really wanted to create a visual timeline. Our old school building is quite challenging, so we looked at this space outside in the playground and decided this would be a great area to utilise as an outdoor classroom. The children interact with it all the time when they’re out playing as well, it’s really informal and interactive. The application process was really quick, the funds even allowed us to repaint the wall too. It’s really great to see the community support locally”

With thanks to Headteacher Mrs Gill and the children featured from Holy Cross Primary School.

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